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Curtains are an important element of magnificent home décor. They not only allow privacy for your house but also offer peace of mind whenever you feel the urge of having some. Curtains are best in subsiding the outside chaos with solitude and peace. But these luxury additions of the house become unclean with everyday use and this is when they require professional clean up session which will allow them to bounce back in their best form- clean, hygienic and glowing self.

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Why Do you need expert help for cleaning the curtains?

  • For getting careful and customised cleaning:

    Professional curtain and drape cleaners possess particular cleaning solutions that suit best according to the fabric needs and their properties. Hence, they extra careful while the cleaning processes are on. Experts look for details which the manufacturer specifies for handling every fabric type.

  • To get effectual washing against stubborn stains:

    Some kinds of blemishes do not leave the fabric easily with homemade washing solutions. Thus, in such situations, it is best to call for professional aid for curtain cleaning. With the use of specific products and techniques, experts provide time and tested solutions which will eliminate every type of stain irrespective of their tenacity.

  • Extends the life of your curtains:

    Curtain cleaning specialists treat all fabric types with special care and cautiousness. They customise washing methods according to the curtain fabrics. Thus, this method of following genuine and related products for every fabric, help curtains to extend their lifetime.

  • Well-prepared facilities:

    With the latest technology machinery and advanced washing methods, the professionals can take care of all your curtain cleaning requirements that make them look as fresh as they were first bought. These experts have the right knowledge and expertise to deal with smell, dust and germs.

  • Restoration Capacity:

    Professional cleaners are highly capable of restoring the old curtains, also ones that have highly deteriorated. Using special dry-cleaning methods, they can make the old curtains look new and bright.

  • As you have pets in your house

    Homeowners that own pets in their houses have to be extra cautious. One can commonly find pet hairs in the curtains which have to be removed. Pets are more likely to increase the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs. Despite the presence of pets in the houses, professional cleaners assure you that you have an absolute hygienic pair of curtains at the end of the cleaning session.

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Curtain Steam Clean

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Curtain Steam Cleaning in Allawah:

Steam cleaning is one of the modern curtain cleaning techniques is highly suggested for rapid and deep cleaning. Steam creates a high temperature that is ideal for killing bacteria and allergens. It possesses humidity that absorbs germs from the curtains. Despite being an effective cleaning technique, steam cleaning is inexpensive, safe and best for people who have respiratory diseases. Moreover, it does not require curtains to be removed, making it the most convenient.

At Bullet Cleaner, we provide skilled curtain cleaning services for all days of the week and also on holidays. Call us now and book an appointment.

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Emergency Services

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Emergency Curtain Cleaning Services Allawah:

Accidental spilling of coffee that causes staining calls for immediate actions by a professional cleaner. It could also be pet urines or vomits that can stain your curtains permanently. These curtains if left damp becomes breeding grounds for harmful bacteria For such critical conditions, Carpet Clean Expert is at your rescue. With our emergency curtain cleaning, you can call us to avail services on the same day of the booking.

For emergency services, you can connect with us at our emergency helpline number and schedule an appointment with us. Bullet Cleaners is well-known for its outstanding services in the whole of Allawah at an economical cost. We assure you of reliable services when you hire us.

Curtain and Drapery Cleaning Services according to the type of fabric

It is not advisable to cleanse the curtains in similar fashion according to the type of fabric characteristics. Therefore, we personalise our cleaning methods according to fabric type.

  • Polyester fabric
  • These need to be soaked in water  with no soap or blemish remover solution. It should be laced in the water for about 30-40 minutes and the water needs to be changed after 15 minutes.

  • Pre-shrunk and combed cotton fabric
  • Such fabric can be cleaned through old methods by using a mild soap. You can wash them gently and hang them for natural drying.

  • Velvet fabric
  • This particular fabric should be handled with care as they are very dainty and delicate. Ideally, it should be cleaned with a soaked fabric dipped in lukewarm

  • Mesh fabric
  • Mesh fabrics can be easily washed in a machine. However, make sure that you keep the curtains in a bag to prevent them from getting stuck in the blades.

  • Voile or veil fabric
  • Such fabrics need to be machine washed by utilising delicate fabric cycle and a mild fabric cleanser.

  • Pure cotton, linen and silk
  • Such fabrics should be dry cleaned at any cost because they are very soft and susceptible to get damaged. They are delicate and costly, so one should take due precaution while washing it.

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Shower Curtains Cleaning

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Shower Curtains Cleaning Services in Allawah:

Shower curtains can be seen in majority washrooms. These curtains help people save a lot of money as opposed to the expensive glass partitions. Moreover, they carry out same act of preventing the water to puddle up. But cleaning the shower curtains can be a challenging task to homeowners. Thus, a professional will ease your task and give you outstanding results.

Shower curtains attain humidity with everyday use and can generate unpleasant mould. Such stains are terrible and can prove harmful to human health. Hence, regular cleaning od shower curtains are of paramount importance. With eco-friendly products and disinfectants, we at Bullet Cleaners, our expert ensure that the environment is not a danger with our cleaning methods.

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Mould Removal Curtain

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Mould Removal Curtain Cleaning Services in Allawah:

Mould is very tough to eradicate. Also, one cannot remove it by using a solution of water and soap. So, in case you spot the built up of moulds on your cutain, you need to bring your curtains to us and get them cleaned professionally. We use a soft duster to get rid of the stains and also use some bleach if the curtains are solid white in colour. 

If the curtain is of some other colour, then we use the tea tree oil or another such type of anti-fungal solutions for killing the moulds on curtains. You can mix a spoonful of this solution with alcohol and spray it on the affected area. You can rinse it after half an hour and let the curtain dry naturally. Moreover, Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove moulds from white-coloured curtains.

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Plastic Curtains/Blinds

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Plastic Curtains/Blinds Cleaning Services in Allawah:

Cleansing plastic curtains is a much difficult task and it is recommended to be given to a professional cleaner. We remove the curtains and hang them again after washing and drying them. We carry out the cleaning process by mixing three spoons of sodium hypochlorite in water and cleaning the curtains with it. Afterwards, we remove the stains gently and allow drying under bright sunlight. This helps us to eliminate odour and make the curtains fresh and clean.

How to preserve the curtains at home?

  • You can utilise a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the curtains thoroughly.
  • You can carry out this process for couple of times in a month.
  • Keep your windows open while cleaning as it provides aeration and takes away the moist which has built up in the curtains.
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Why is Bullet Cleaner regarded as a reliable curtain cleaning firm in Allawah?

At Bullet Cleaners, we offer curtain cleaning services according to the specific needs of the clients. We customise our services to stay up-to-the mark and to satisfy our clients with best results. However, these are some of the factors which makes us different from else-

  • Our experts are well versed with the curtain cleaning and are equipped with skills to provide efficient services without harming the fabric.
  • We offer anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mite services.
  • We use modern technology for giving best possible results.
  • We provide highly professional services at much affordable rates.
  • We are available anytime, also on weekends and holidays.
  • We remove and re-hang the curtains.
  • We offer emergency services

So, if you are looking for an economic, effective and affordable solution on curtain cleaning, don’t hesitate to call us on XXXX.

FAQs for Curtain Cleaning in Allawah

  • Q: How shall I clean my curtains?

    The cleaning process entirely depends on the fabric type. We recommend you to see and follow manufacturer’s guidelines, most makers list laundry instructions in order to avoid shrinkage of the cloth. Usually, many curtains do not react well to either washing or customary dry-cleaning process causing shrinkage, or fabric harm.

  • Q: Can you clean silk curtains?

    Yes, we also cleanse silk and delicate curtains.

  • Q: Do you offer curtain cleaning services during public holidays as well?

    Yes, we work on public holidays and weekends to serve your urgent cleaning needs.