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Has your carpet become damaged and requires professional repair? Reach out to Bullet Cleaners as soon as possible because we offer a great range of carpet repair services at a reasonable price!

To fix the affected areas, our experienced and certified team uses modern and efficient tools and machines. They have immense knowledge of carpet types and materials. They can repair almost all the problems associated with a damaged carpet within a few hours.

If you want to revive the condition of your frayed carpet, hire us today! For bookings, free quotations and other queries, feel free to call us!

Our Carpet Repair Services

At Bullet Cleaners, you will find relevant solutions to all the carpet repair problems in form of our amazing services. Our services cover the carpet repair needs for both residential and commercial clients. Below listed are the services offered by us:

  • Carpet Burn Repair

A Carpet can get burnt due to many reasons like cigarettes, wax, iron, etc. The burnt areas can be fixed by our carpet repair specialists with ease. They implement their techniques and make the burnt parts almost invisible.

  • Pet Damage

Mostly, pets have a habit of chewing and scratching the carpet. Holes and tears are quite common in houses where pets reside. Our carpet repair expert can fix the ripped piece of the carpet with help of carpet tapes, glues and patches.

  • Carpet Stretching

It is an advanced method that can fix different problems such as ripples, buckles, improper installation, etc. At Bullet Cleaners, we have maintained an inventory of well-maintained tools that are helpful in implementing this advanced process.

  • Fraying Seam Repair

A seam is formed when two pieces of carpet are joined together. When the seams become tattered, the overall look of the carpet gets spoiled. Also, people can get injured because of these seams. We have a team of experts that can join and repair the seams again to extend the life of the carpet.

  • Carpet Hole Repair

Whenever you notice holes on a carpet, you should contact us and book our service. We can mend, sew or glue different kinds of holes with help of advanced tools.

  • Carpet Fixing

When carpets get off from tack strips, fixing is required. Our experienced professional carpet repair team can again install and fix the carpet to ensure smooth movement of people on the floor.

  • Patch Repair

Are you planning to replace your old carpet because it has got some damaged patches? Think again and cal us. We will cover up all the affected sections by using a similar-looking piece from the carpet. Patching is a technique that requires skill and our team can do this work efficiently by using its rich experience.

  • Water Damage Repair

A carpet gets lots of wear and tear when water gets accumulated on the carpet due to flooding. The damage caused by the water is quite severe but our professionals can repair the damage swiftly. They are well-equipped with the right tools and machines that can help them to obtain perfect results.

  • Carpet Fitting

The technique with which the carpet is being fitted in the room plays a major role in deciding the longevity and functionality of a carpet. Our technicians excel in this work and will not disappoint you with the end results.

Why Choose Bullet Cleaners?

Struggling to find a reliable carpet cleaning company? Well, your search ends here. Bullet Cleaners is a highly trusted company in Sydney because it offers the following advantages to both home owners and business owners:

  • Our services are reasonably priced. We believe in transparency and avoid hidden charges.
  • Whether it is at weekends or on public holidays, our carpet repair experts are available throughout the week.
  • You can complete the booking procedure online. Our customer care executive is always there to help you with all your queries.
  • Our team is trained and experienced. They can provide customized solutions after inspecting the condition of your damaged carpets.
  • The tools and products used by our team are well-maintained. They can bring out accurate results during the repairing process.
  • For urgent requirements, we offer emergency or same-day bookings.

Useful Carpet Repair Solutions for Commercial and Residential Places

Carpets act as a shield for the flooring. They tolerate the entire load that heavy foot traffic puts on the floor. They get exposed to wear and tear when people move the furniture in the room.

Professional carpet repair should be done after every few months in a commercial place like hotel, hospital or office. The damage caused by several visitors, staff members, and customers can be too severe. Almost every other day, holes or burn marks can be seen on the carpet.

It is not possible for the owner to manage such a large scale repair work without booking a professional service. To make carpet maintenance easy, the business owners can hire us and get the carpet repaired without putting too much effort.

Similarly, if you have children at home who destroy the carpet with glue, gum or a sharp knife, you should avail the benefit of our service. Holes and torn areas on a carpet can become the cause of someone’s injury. So, speak with us at right time to prevent the negative repercussions.

Whenever you discover flaws such as ripples, frayed ends or holes on the carpet, you can ask out carpet repair expert for restoring the condition of the damaged floor covering.


1. What is the cost of carpet repairing services?

The price of the carpet repair Sydney service varies depending on different factors such as the number of carpets, size of carpet etc. Fill in the contact details and get a free price quotation for the service.

2. Can you repair pet damage?

Yes, we can repair any type of hole or damage caused by the pets with techniques like gluing and patching.

3. Can you remove ripples from a carpet?

Yes, we use a carpet stretching machine to flatten the surface of the carpet.

4. Can a carpet be patched?

Yes, our team can take out an additional piece of fabric from your carpet and can cover the problematic area with a similar patch.

5. Is there any facility for same-day booking?

Yes, we offer the benefit of emergency booking to our clients.

6. Where do we provide our carpet repair services?

We provide our carpet repair services throughout Australia covering all the states and their localities. We offer services in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and many more.

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