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A tiresome day for everyone calls for a sound sleep at night in clean beds. But what if you see your mattress is dirty and is hoarded with mites and other unwanted elements? This would probably turn you off and would not let you sleep the entire night. You may get allergies and issues while breathing. In such cases, all you need to do is call for a professional cleaning company like Bullet Cleaners perth to sanitize your mattresses. Our cleaning services will guarantee you complete care, cleaning, and disinfection of the mites, allergens and bacteria.

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Why should you hire professionals for mattress cleaning in perth?

A home DIY for cleaning mattresses is not effective, it will not completely remove the stains, dirt and odour. In order to get stains eliminated, you will have to rely on professional help. Moreover, you are bound to attain many other benefits by hiring professional cleaners for your mattress cleaning session.

  • • Saves time: The primary benefits of resorting to professional help are that you can save a lot of time. Perhaps, you can utilise the same for spending quality time with your beloved ones and family.
  • • Bacteria free: The professional companies are well-equipped with the latest technology which allows them to eliminate all the allergens and bacteria. Especially, in the hard to reach places and hidden ones like the mattresses. Such bacteria cannot be eliminated by the homeowners because they lack the required equipment.
  • • Cutting-edge technology: A professional company, when hired, delivers effective results that are long-lasting because of the use of higher technology. This technology helps to eliminate all the existing dirt and allergens which indirectly sanitizes and disinfects the place.
  • • Greater comfort: One does not have to bother at all while assigning the mattress cleaning job to professional cleaners. You just have to lie back and relax the way we behave in restaurants. The professionals will do their job with the utmost care and precision and you will be happy to not do these routine tasks.
  • • Higher efficiency: We being a professional company, we are emphasizing on professional results with respect to the trained staff.  This staff is well skilled and knowledgeable to render high-quality services. They perform spotless cleaning that shall impress anyone. Hence, before you decide for a professional cleaning company, make sure they are experienced enough and reliable.
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What are the basic steps of mattress cleaning that we employ at Bullet Cleaners?

The process of cleaning is the same for all the types of mattresses except for wool, latex and natural fibres. We imply the below steps:

Mites and Microbes Removal

With a vacuum cleaner that has a high suction capacity, the mattress is vacuumed on all sides. This particular vacuum cleaner possesses a HEPA filter that helps to retain particles as small as 0.3 microns.

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The mattress then undergoes a sanitisation process with the help of a liquid solution that has a detergent and disinfectant. It is applied in a gentle way and is not scrubbed or rubber roughly. This helps to eliminate the organisms that have settled on the mattress.

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Considering the condition of the mattress, it is vaporized with a machine that is specially made for home furnishings.

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The mattress is then rinsed and sucked by a special water vacuum.

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The last stage of the cleaning process includes drying the mattress for about 12 hours considering the current season.

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Mattress Steam Clean

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Best Mattress Steam Cleaning Services in perth: in perth:

Our washing and disinfecting processes allow you to use the mattress on the same day of cleaning as our cleaning appliances such as industrial fan help in the drying process. The steam that is being used for cleaning, guarantees the removal of mites and microbes that are harmful to human body parts and organs. We use green products along with the steam to ensure safety. It is necessary to maintain hygiene with the help of steam during the entire cleaning process. We deliver the mattresses in an absolutely dry state.  The high temperature of the steam can be used to remove parasites as they very proficiently kill bedbugs, mites, and other harmful microbes hidden in mattresses, cushions, or upholstery. The high temperature of the steam enables us to get rid of parasites, bedbugs, mites and other microbes.

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Mattress Mould Removal

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Mattress Mould Removal in perth:

More often than not, bed mattresses can take little longer than usual to dry, maybe more than two days, then it is a sign of moulds that have grown on the mattress. One can identify with the peculiar musty smell in the area. In order to get rid of mould development, one should take actions instantly. Only if the problem is negligible, the task can be done with the help of spray solution.

How to clean the affected mattress of mould?

In order to remove the mould growth completely, cleaning the entire mattress is important. Later, ensure that there is no humid area left on the mattress to be vacuumed or cleaned

  • First, in a bucket or plastic container, we will make a solution of a cup of warm water and a cup of pure alcohol. Later we will use a cotton cloth and immerse it in the solution, and once it is well soaked, we squeeze it to get rid of the excess solution. 
  • Now, with that damp cloth, we will proceed to thoroughly clean the affected area of the mattress. The rubs should be in gentle, circular strokes to correctly remove those annoying stains.
  • Next, after removing the stains, we will use a sponge, moistened in normal water. We will pass it through the mattress areas and remove any indication of the solution, this is to rinse properly.
  • The last step is to use natural or artificial ventilation to remove any moisture present in the mattress. Likewise, the rays of the sun are very useful in eradicating the humidity and the odours that mould causes.
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Mattress Dust Mites Treatment

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Mattress Dust Mites Treatment in perth:

A major time that we spend relaxing in the beds at night becomes a building ground for dead cells, dust and dirt which directly leads to the accumulation of mites. Almost every homeowner swears by steam and vacuum to clean and sanitise the entire area to get rid of mites from the mattresses.  Sodium hydrogen carbonate and other solutions can be best for this elimination purpose. By spraying the solution on the surface, and letting it rest for two hours, we can remove all the mites. We end the cleaning session by steaming and vacuuming the residues. 

The amalgamation of steam and vacuum promotes the elimination of mites and ingests extra moisture during the process. A steam machine helps to deliver striking results even for allergic people.

  • As a first step, in a vessel, we will prepare a solution by mixing a certain amount of hot water with the same amount of alcohol and a mould removal solution. We will dip a soft cotton cloth in the solution and squeeze out the excess.
  • Using that damp cloth, we will gently rub the affected area in circular motion to easily erase those stubborn stains of moulds.
  • After the stains are eliminated, we will use a moist sponge soaked in normal water to wipe out any trace of solution from the mattress.
  • We also use mattress steam cleaning process to remove moulds depending on the condition of the mattress.
  • In the final step, we use proper ventilation to extract all humidity from the mattress. The sun rays help a lot in eradicating the humidity and the odours but we also have industrial drying machines to absorb all moisture and leave the mattress dry.
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Mattress Stain Removal

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Mattress Stain Removal in perth:

Effective cleaning appliances and our experience prove beneficial in eradicating all kinds of stains on the mattresses. Bullet Cleaners can productively remove the stains present on pillows and mattresses whilst getting rid of odours of sweat, urine and blood.  Indirectly, this extensive cleaning results in getting the surfaces of the mattress sanitized, disinfected and devoid of any bacteria, allergens or mites.

With the use of cutting-edge methods, we use hot water with other products to wash injection and suction mattresses. Our ingenious methods are specially designed for washing such surfaces and resolving different types of stains on mattresses. We deal with the following satins on a common basis:

  • • Vomit Stains
  • • Urine Stains
  • • Wine Stains
  • • Coffee/Tea Stains
  • • Food Stains
  • • Blood Stains
  • • Ink Stains
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Emergency Mattress Cleaning

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Emergency Mattress Cleaning Services for Same Day Booking

Whilst spending a major part of the time in beds, we tend to spoil the mattress with liquids or ruining it with muddy stains. Removing beverage stains can become a daunting task. Also, if the mattresses are spoilt by urines, vomits etc, it can become worse with the irresistible odour which will be accompanied by the build-up of harmful micro-organisms in no time. At such crucial times, Bullet Cleaners perth will help you at any point in time. We also have come up with emergency services that help you avail our immaculate services on that day itself.

To avail or emergency services, all you have to do is call us on the emergency helpline number and schedule an appointment. We are known for our exclusive services at affordable prices in the whole of perth. Thus, when you are trusting us, be sure to get the best services.

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Why choose Bullet Cleaners for your mattress cleaning?

We are proficient cleaning service providers which expertise in home furnishings. Being experts in this field, we have the necessary efficiency required, cleaning appliances, trained staff and systematic plan of action with respect to bed mattresses and textiles. We expertise in evacuating all the germs and mites that have built up on the mattresses and on several home textiles. We ensure that while our cleaning processes are on, we make sure that the possessions are not damaged or mishandled. With customised cleaning methods, we try to understand the requirements of each of our clients that can vary with the type of stains, condition and material.

Choosing us will help you to get impeccable services at your doorstep in your budget and timeframes. We are available at your service 24*7 and also during emergency times when you need us the most. Emergency services shall help you get the cleaning services done on the same day itself.