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Rugs play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of any space. Along with insulating the cold, add aesthetic value to your home. Variety of rugs is produced in different parts of the world with various colours, styles and designs and material. Even if the rugs are made of superior quality, as time passes and with insufficient cleaning, they are bound to spread infection. Millions of mites, bacteria, dust, human or pet hair get settled in the fabric of your rugs, thus helping in spreading diseases.

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Rug Cleaning Services We Offer at Bullet Cleaners:

  • Stain Removal
  • Pet’s Urine Removal
  • Scotchgard Rug stain protection
  • End of Lease Rug Cleaning
  • Rug Steam & Dry Cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Mould Removal
  • Tea or coffee stain removal
  • Gum removal
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Rug Structure Drying
  • Same Day Rug Cleaning Sydney
  • Vomit/Blood/Wine Stain Removal
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Stain removal

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Rug Stain Removal in Hobart:

Rugs can get stains very easily but removing them isn’t an easy task. Hence, we are here to help you and get the stains removed in a professional way. We at Bullet Cleaners utilise modern techniques and machineries to eliminate tough stains and give your rugs a clean look.

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Coffee Stain removal

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Coffee Stain Removal in Hobart:

Coffee stains are one of the most difficult stains to eliminate. With our expertise in stain removal, we remove the coffee stain easily. Applying a gentle cleaning solution mixed in some hot water is the first step. We then let it act for a few minutes and then use strong stain removers diluted in water if necessary. Finally, we rinse it with an unsoiled duster and let it dry.

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Ink Stain removal

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Ink Stain Removal in Hobart:

If the fabric of the carpet is of the rigid type, the ink can be removed bit easily by using a damp cloth with little pure alcohol. Then a blemish remover is used further to completely remove the ink mark. It all depends upon the kind of fabric, and thus the method of removing ink stain varies accordingly.

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Wine Stain removal

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Wine Stain Removal in Hobart:

Red wine stains are another rigid stain to remove. We use a technique where hydrogen peroxide solution along with some mild salt is applied to remove the stain. The solution is rubbed on the carpet, once the stain is dried up. After that, the carpet is rinsed properly and kept for drying.

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Blood Stain removal

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Blood Stain Removal in Hobart:

Blood stains ruin the appearance of your rugs. Rugs help in improving the ambience of your living room and thus, it is not possible keep the rugs covered in blood stains. With our best cleaning tools, techniques and expert manpower at Bullet Cleaners these stains are removed efficiently while retaining the luxurious texture of the rug.

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Steam Cleaning

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Rug Steam Cleaning in Hobart:

We use the rug steam cleaning process for effectively cleaning all kinds of rugs at your home. In this technique, we avoid harsh chemicals which can damage the texture of your rug. This technique is used to sanitize the rug, thus reducing the moulds, microbes and bacteria to a great extent. Steam cleaners use high-temperature water to create steam and disinfect the rugs. Microbes, bacteria cannot sustain high temperatures and thus this technique helps in eradicating them. Study shows, almost, 90% reduction in these mites after they are steam cleaned.

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Dry Cleaning

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Rug Dry Cleaning in Hobart

The process of dry cleaning is helpful in winter days when the rugs don’t dry easily. This method is effective in cleaning the rugs much rapidly and in a proper way. The vacuum cleaner is used to clean the carpet completely. Initially, we start by flipping the mat and cleaning the backside. Once the backside is cleaned properly with the vacuum cleaner, the same method is used for the front side. The dust, mites, moulds are completely removed from the rug. Also, we use a few gentle disinfectants to completely sanitise the rug. So, you can make your rug fresh, clean and bright by our renowned service.

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Mould Removal

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Rug Mould Removal Services in

If a wet rug is kept unattended for a much time, it is sure that it will produce moulds in the rug. Bullet Cleaners offers you proficient facilities to clean these moulds thoroughly and eliminating the chances of their reappearance. This technique not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of the rug but also abandons the growth of moulds, fungi, spores and other contaminants. This, in turn, improves the environment and also improves the air quality, thus making it good for your health.

  • Shampoo Extraction- Strong shampoo and professional extraction machine is generally used in this method to deep clean the rugs. Thus, eliminating the fungi, microbes, spores and other contaminants.
  • Steam Treatment- High density steam is used to clean and sanitize the surface of the rugs. Along with spores and fungi, it also extracts the dust and dirt settled in the rugs and thus cleaning it completely.
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Deodorising Treatment

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Rug Deodorising Treatment in Hobart in

Moulds, fungi start breeding when the rug is kept wet and further giving a bad odour. Spilt wine, blood stains or food blemishes that are not removed immediately give a bad smell. Also, pet excretion, urine or other strong substances start spreading a foul smell. We provide you with an exquisite service of removing all kinds of stains and the bad odour by cleaning your rugs in a professional manner. When your rug is flawlessly clean there is no chance of foul odour arriving from it. So, to get a fascinating clean and odourless, deodorising treatment, call Bullet cleaners now!

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Why choose Bullet Cleaners for rug cleaning service in Hobart?

Bullet Cleaners Hobart has only improved overtime offering quality and proficient services with the help skilled and experienced team. With innovative concepts and age-old methods, we ensure that our services are satisfactory. The advantage of hiring us are:

  • Variety of effectual services at affordable prices
  • Fast and satisfactory personalised services
  • Licensed and certified cleaners
  • 24*7 services also on weekends and holidays
  • Emergency rug cleaning
  • 100% customer contentment
  • Reliable and Honest

Our coveted company works with a professional attitude always and follow high standards. With using specific techniques for every kind of cloth, we ensure that all the new methods of water extraction, steam cleaning and modern cleaning methods are implied without damaging the fabric. Our services are invincible with respect to both cleaning and restoring the rugs. Thus, to experience impeccable cleaning services, call us on our emergency number.