Best Professional Carpet Repair in Brisbane

Bullet Cleaners provides expert service to help look after your valuable floor coverings and more. Our team focus on cleaning commercial and international carpets as well as curtains, upholstery, mattresses, and tiles.

Our professionals perform carpet repair services that are fully trained and very dependable. As professional carpet cleaners, we know the value of your carpet to your home or business. We, therefore, believe in providing a thorough clean which also helps to safeguard your investment and make sure it looks and feels great!

We all know that carpets are one of the most expensive household items you own. Professionally cleaning your carpets on a regular basis will increase the lifespan and look of your carpets in turn, saving you a lot of money. We can offer professional carpet repair in Brisbane to help maintain the appearance and prolongs your carpets life, which consists of carpet steam cleaning, carpet sanitization & deodorising, vomit, carpet dry cleaning, pet stain & odour removal, carpet stain removal, blood & red wine stains removal from carpet.  So just dial +61380016042, our contact number, instead of buying new carpets use our carpet restoration services to save money.

What do we do?

  • Highly effective carpet repair services across Brisbane that make carpets ready to walk on straight after cleaning.
  • Our skilled team of experts eliminates more stains than any other cleaning process.
  • Book same-day repair for long-lasting protection against a wide range of germs, bacteria, and other nasties.
  • The solvent-based products used in our process are environment-friendly. Also, it allows for deep cleaning without leaving any chemical residue.
  • Our professional carpet repair service helps restore the carpet’s damp odour, emitting just a light lemon scent.
  • With our unique and skilled techniques, we create a carpet appearance new and feel fresh by restoring the original chemical balance of carpets.
  • We do not use harsh heat and excess water to make sure that carpets will not stretch or shrink during cleaning.
  • An in-depth pre-vacuum routine is designed to eliminate dry soils and debris from the carpet before repairing it.

Benefits of carpet repair Brisbane from Bullet Cleaners:

Apart from our sheer professional carpet repair in Brisbane, we have a plethora of other virtues that set us apart from other carpet repair  in Brisbane. Know more about our specialties:

Affordable Services: Our expert team provides the most affordable same day carpet cleaning services to our clients all across Brisbane.

Industry Experience: We have 20+ years of industry experience and that certainly makes us ‘Pro’ in the field of Carpet Repair in Brisbane.

Certified and Licensed Professionals: We follow the industry standards to maintain the same. We only hire certified and licensed professionals.

Safe Carpet Repair Services: All the services that expert carpets repair in Brisbane provide are safe and satisfactory. Your safety is our priority!

Emergency Carpet Cleaning: You can avail of our emergency and same day carpet cleaning services with no extra charges applied.

Advanced Technology: Our team has got hold of the most advanced technology to deliver the safest and finest carpet cleaning and repair to our customers.

Our USPs:

We hire only the best of people at Bullet Cleaners. With over 20+ years of experience and advanced technology, we are a reliable source for excellent carpet repair in Brisbane.


  • We are proud of our people who are licensed, skilled, and certified.
  • Guarantee you of nominal prices in Brisbane with no quality compromise
  • Use only advanced techniques and tools for carpet repair in Brisbane.
  • All our technicians are trained thoroughly to amazing carpet repair service
  • Bullet Cleaners is a local and insured company
  • We do unified patchwork for your lovely carpets
  • You can avail of our services in any area of Brisbane
  • We are open on public holidays and weekends too
  • Our customer care support is available 24×7 throughout the year

We also provide optional carpet repair experts in Brisbane, which are as follows:

  • Specialized stain removal
  • 24-hour flood damage restoration
  • Carpet restoration
  • Bad Odour removal
  • Over-locking to stabilize boundaries
  • Pet stain removal
  • Fringe cleaning and whitening

Contact us today to hire our carpet repair services. Our experts will visit your place as soon as you schedule them and get the job done to excellence.


1. How much does it cost to repair a rug?

Be it a rug repair or a carpet repair, any services that you may book at Bullet Cleaners are affordable.

2. Can you fix a tear repair?

A small tear can become unsightly and annoying; however, you can repair torn carpet without making any drastic change or even replacing it. Get the large multiple areas repaired by the experts, for example- those caused by the family dog, and make the carpet look new.

3. Can you patch a small hole in the carpet?

Of course yes! It is possible to patch a damaged carpet. The best way is to call in a professional. If you are trying to repair it yourself, make sure you have enough knowledge so that you don’t ruin your carpet further.

4. Is it cheaper to repair or replace carpet?

A carpet repair professional can put a hole over a tear, dye a problem area, or remove a stubborn spot for less than the installation cost of new carpeting. A professional carpet repair in Brisbane or cleaning can save you hundreds on this type of flooring.

5. Is it worth it to stretch carpet?

Yes definitely! Carpet stretching is worth it because it prolongs the life of the carpet. It lessens the chances of slipping and falling, it helps enhance air quality and it keeps the carpet looking as it were new. You can hire an expert to use a power stretcher.

6. What rooms must have carpet?

The best rooms to carpet are playrooms and bedrooms. Hallways, family rooms, and stairways can also benefit from carpeting; however, these high-traffic areas will suffer more wear on the carpet over time. It is a fact that entry rooms and rooms most likely to see high traffic or lots of messes must not be carpeted.

7. Where do we provide our carpet repair services?

We provide our carpet repair services throughout Australia covering all the states and their localities. We offer services in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and many more.

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