Rivals Of Your Most Expensive Carpet

Carpet cleaning is one of the essential need for our home and office. The atmosphere of these places can never be complete without a perfect pair of carpets.

You invest a generous amount of money to find the matching carpets as per the colour and texture of your living space. These high priced carpets need to a lot of attention in term of cleaning, tone and colour of the carpet.

There are several factors responsible for damaging your carpets and changing your carpets. Here are 5 enemies of your carpet longevity.

Water and moisture in your carpet

Water and moisture are two of the greatest enemies of your carpet. Constant exposure to these two elements can cause severe damage to the fibre of your carpets. Soon after steam cleaning, it is imperative to air dry your carpets thoroughly to prevent any kind of damage in your carpet. Avoid keeping your mugs near to the washing machines, windows or anything which permits the entrance of water.

Intrusion of pest

Carpet insects or moth has the potential to damage your carpets substantially. To avoid any kind of infestation you should always pay an instant check through your closet and cupboard. Insects can damage cotton, wool or any kind of fibre. If there are any unfortunate spillage on the carpets, then there are chances are that it can make the carpet more vulnerable for the damage.

Excessive use of chemicals

Any kind of chemical treatment can make your carpet more prone to damage. There are some chemicals which are often used to soften the colour of your carpets. These chemicals are so strong that by naked eyes you can see them but they can make the fibre of your carpet significantly weak.

High temperature or fire

Carpets are made from the substance which can be easily damaged if comes under the contact of fire or high temperature burning cigarette is one of the common reason. So you ensure that your carpets do not reach any source of the fire.

Spillage on the carpetĀ 

There are some commonly caused spillages such as water, coffee, wine or anything that can absorb quickly inside the carpet. To cure this there are two solutions first if there is a spillage of stubborn stain-causing liquids then you can use vinegar or some soda. Second, if there are some minor spillage like water or milk then you can clean and slightly wet cloth until it removes the stains.

Ultraviolet rays of the sun

The rays of the sun have the potential to fade the colour of your carpet. If carpet are made up of synthetic the there are chances that the synthetic material and the colour of your carpet will fade because of overexposure to heat.

So if you want your carpets to have a prolonged life then avoid these five enemies of your carpet.

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