Perfect Choice for Professional Rug Cleaning in Perth

Looking for a reliable and affordable company that provides rug cleaning service? Well, Bullet Cleaners is a perfect option for you! We have been serving both residential and commercial clients with our wide range of rug cleaning Perth services.

Our company makes use of best practices to resolve different problems such as mould, stains, and odours. Worried about chemicals and their side effects? Don’t worry as we choose safe and tested products for cleaning the rugs. Our experienced team can clean rugs made up of different materials such as cotton, silk, wool, etc. If you need our budget-friendly services, contact us right away!

What do we do?

We have gained enormous popularity by delivering excellent cleaning results in and around Perth. Our team achieved amazing outcomes by following an organised plan:

  • To prepare a customised cleaning plan, we check the condition of the rugs. All the problems are identified and the material of the rug is checked.
  • To begin with, our rug cleaning expert uses a vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from the rug.
  • Next, spot treatment is done for the stains present on the rug.
  • Advanced cleaning treatments such as steam cleaning, dry cleaning, stain removal, and mould removal are implemented for the elimination of different issues.
  • Sanitisation procedure is carried out to kill the germs while deodorisation procedure helps to remove the odours.
  • Rugs are dried properly to ensure that water stains, mould and bacteria don’t reoccur. We have powerful dryers and fans that can dry the rugs quickly.

Rug Cleaning Services Offered by Us!

We offer special solutions to specific problems. Our experts can revive the condition of a filthy rug by using modern techniques and machines. Have a look at the services offered by our reputed company:

  • Stain Removal

Rugs get different sorts of stains almost every day. Dirty shoes, coffee, wine, ink, blood, vomit spills, and pet urine can leave horrible spots on the rugs. Now, you can save your beautiful rugs from these stains! Just contact us and book our stain removal service.

Our team of rug cleaning specialists will use reliable products to clean the stains from your rugs. Within a few minutes, you will get your shiny and spotless rug back.

  • Steam Cleaning

Hot steam has the power to destroy the germs hiding inside the threads of the rugs. No matter how tough a stain is, the steam can dissolve it in seconds. Steam cleaning is a chemical-free and health-friendly method, that’s why it should be chosen by the owners without delay.

  • Dry Cleaning

Do you have an expensive and delicate rug in your living room? Is water-based cleaning harmful to it? You can book this cleaning service. In this service, our team applies dry cleaning solvent over the dirty patches and stains. These solutions don’t pose threat to the threads of the rugs. Problems like discolouration and shrinkage can be avoided by choosing this service. This process is suitable for all seasons. Also, quick drying is the best part of this process.

  • Mould Removal Procedure

Fungus can destroy the material of the rug within a few days. As soon as you notice mould infestation, contact us and book this treatment. Our team will kill the mould with anti-fungal products. We also remove the stains and odours left by the mould on the floor covering. They will also dispose of the debris of the mould properly to prevent the recurrence of the mould.

  • Deodorising Treatment

Stinking rugs can spoil the ambience of a home. To deal with the bad odours, our specialists spray deodorants on the rugs. These deodorants remove the foul odour released due to moulds, bacteria, moisture, etc.

Our USPs

At Bullet Cleaners, we ensure client satisfaction by providing wonderful rug cleaning solutions. Our clients trust us for the services because we maintain great quality. Here is why you should prefer us over other rug cleaning companies:

  • Our rug cleaning Perth treatments can be booked at economical prices.
  • Only experienced and certified cleaners are associated with us.
  • We incorporate technology and skills to bring out the perfect result.
  • The products used for cleaning do not cause allergies.
  • For urgent requirements, we also give you an option to book the service on the same day.

Rug Cleaning in Commercial and Residential Clients

Rug cleaning services are equally important in both houses and commercial places. Kids, pets, neighbours and elderly people make the rug dirty by walking on it too frequently. On the other hand, customers, staff members, and visitors increase the foot traffic on the rug. For house rugs, we remove stains, destroy the allergens and eliminate the odours.

In comparison to residential clients, business owners are more worried about rug cleaning. The rugs used in commercial places are huge in size and cleanliness is required on a large scale. Also, experts can’t work during peak hours.

Our company helps the commercial clients by sending our team at the time selected by them. We can clean many rugs at once. With large machines and product inventory, we are able to give excellent results. If you want our rug cleaning specialists to work for you, contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do I have to pay for this service?

To know the price for Professional rug cleaning, you can share your requirements with our customer care executive. You will receive a free quotation based on your needs.

  1. Can you dry clean a rug?

Yes, we can offer the dry-cleaning service. We use premium-quality dry cleaning solvent to clean the rug.

  1. Can you remove pet urine stains from the rug?

Yes, you can book our stain removal treatment if you want the removal of pet urine stains from the rugs.

  1. Do you provide rug cleaning service on weekends?

Yeah, you can hire our rug cleaning expert on weekends or public holidays.

  1. Will professionals remove odours from rugs?

With our deodorising treatment, our team can eliminate the foul odours from your rugs.

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