Flood Restoration in Exeter

Sudden floods that occur leave a tremendous amount of loss behind sparing not a single piece of furniture. The water affects the houses in a huge way which becomes difficult for homeowners to restore their damages. At first, the damages can look superficial but they cause a lot of damage to both human well-being and the estate, significantly. It is necessary to restore these damages soon before they become irreparable. Bullet Cleaners is a licensed and certified company which works proficiently and exclusively to retain the water damages of your home furnishings.

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Our Flood Emergencies and Related Services for Water Damage Restoration are:

  • Emergency Water Extraction
  • Water removal
  • Carpet Restoration
  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Mould and Odour Removal
  • Carpet Cleaning, Deodorization and Stain Removal

Why choose Bullet Cleaners for flood water damage restoration?

With respect to other water damage companies, we retain and restore properties with cutting-edge tools and eco-friendly products in the shortest possible time and inexpensive rates as compared to our other competitors. With advanced equipment for drying, dehumidification, deodorization, and disinfection, we revamp your home or business premises with least disturbance which allows you to resume living your regular lifestyle.

  • Reliable Service:
  • With the passage of time, our incomparable services have resulted in achieving the reliability of homeowners, insurance authorities, home service providers and all the renowned estate managers in entire Exeter.

  • Modern use of technological equipment:
  • With an array of innovative and trusted cleaning machinery, our processes become successful and faster.

  • Effective and constant communication:
  • With every restoration stage achieved, we ensure that you and your agent are completely updated. We ensure that we make everyone understand about the unveiling of the entire process and the expected outcomes.

  • Assurance of complete cleaning:
  • Over the years, our professionals manage water-damaged estates with expertise and the required know-how. Our technicians carry out the drying process for all your home furnishings with care and mindfulness.

Call Bullet Cleaners if you experience property damage and other damages due to flooding. We provide services at your doorstep at any point in time to fulfil your urgent needs.

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Carpet Mould Removal

Our Exclusive Services

Carpet Mould Removal in Exeter:

The bottom part of the carpet gets wet in such floods which becomes a breeding ground for moulds as the carpet needs a longer time to get dry. The upper part of the carpet may get dried within a couple of hours, but it’s the filler layer that will bother you. Its dampness exists for a long duration of time. Mould can be easily removed from the carpets that are not permanently fixed on the walls or carpets. If you need help in removing mould, you should seek advice from professionals from Bullet Cleaners.

  • In order to get the carpets meticulously cleaned, we bring them out in the open and extend them and water them both sides.
  • Then we use a cleaning solution or a mould killer which will evacuate all the mould. After spraying them the solution, we rinse them well.
  • Next, with a vacuum cleaner, we dry then carpet faster.
  • Once the mat becomes completely dry, it should be vacuumed with HEPA for the removal of existing mould spores, dirt or dust which must have been lingered on it.

Carpet Water Extraction

Our Exclusive Services

Carpet Water Extraction in Exeter:

Water on the flooded floor can be extracted in various ways considering the floor type. It becomes effortless to wash out the water from a ceramic or floating floor just by sweeping it to a nearby pool drain. However, with carpet floors, the work becomes more challenging to perform. More often, in order to get the excess water out, generally, a sweeping brush or an absorbing agent is used. With a carpet water extraction machine, you can see complete moisture extraction, leaving no area damp. Such extraction machines are great for serving the purpose of removing all the moisture on the carpet. Highly advanced machines like the drying turbines are used for quicker drying of carpets and floors. The expert water damage restoration professionals in Bullet Cleaners have in-depth knowledge on the use of such industrial machines and are fully equipped and experienced to restore the carpet condition by water extraction methods.

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Water Damage Restoration

Our Exclusive Services

Water Damage Restoration in Exeter:

Water damages to carpets is an unexpected phenomenon that occurs, however, when it happens, it needs an immediate check from professionals to restore it to its original form. Carpets can get spoilt by water because of several reasons which include water pipe leaks, water dripping from the roofs due to rains, tap overflow, and so on. Bullet Cleaners believes in its primary goal of offering good quality standard services.

Our professionals can help you with other services as well apart from water damage restoration such as mould repair, carpet cleaning, sewage cleaning and so on. If you face any emergencies water damages, you can call us on our emergency number. We are pleased to inform you that we work 24*7 for any emergency services needed. Give us a call and will be right there to help you.

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Carpet Flood Recovery

Our Exclusive Services

Carpet Flood Recovery in Exeter:

Water flooding is caused because of a myriad of reasons such as pipe leakage, roof leakage during rains, water overflow, etc. With the occurrence of such a disaster, the very first thing that gets affected is the carpets. They drench in the water which already has dust and dirt and thus become a breeding ground for all the harmful microbes. Such factors excessively cause damage to the carpets and the only way out is to appoint a professional who is an expert in restoring the carpet in such flood situations. Bullet Cleaners have the latest cleaning tools on board and all the anti-bacterial solutions that effectively clean the carpet and make it look new and radiant.

Leaking pipes, roof dripping, tap overflow, etc are some of the reasons why water flooding takes place. Once the water starts flowing on the carpet, in no time it gets all drenched and the water gets fused with the existing dirt and dust. This results in the formation of unwanted moulds, bacteria and other microbes. In order to recover from such carpet crisis, and to avoid further destruction, you must immediately resort to professional help who are experts in providing carpet flood recovery services.

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Odour Removal and Bacteria

Our Exclusive Services

Odour Removal and Bacteria Cleaning in Exeter:

Wet carpets if kept unattended for a long time, get stains, bacteria and bad odour. This will spoil your carpets eventually and thus spoiling the ambience of your living room. Water, coffee, urine and excreta of pets, are few of the reasons for carpet deterioration and bacterial infections. To remove bacteria and bad odour from the carpet you need professional help so that the carpets are not damaged, and you are less likely to change the carpets often.

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How to remove bacteria and bad odours from the carpet and extend their life?

    Vacuum cleaners and soft-bristled brushes are ideally the best options for cleaning extremely soiled carpets. But, chemical agents such as bicarbonate solutions are best for any type of carpets without having them damaged during the processes. This solution is applied on the surface of the carpet and left for an hour to act and then removed with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Vacuum cleaners and soft-bristled
  • Steamer is the best option for cleaning various kinds of carpets. Dust and impurities are removed with the help of steamer without causing harm to the material, and to optimize steam cleaning, a disinfectant can be applied. The steamer twice through the same area and allow it to dry completely.
  • The removal of stains from your carpets can be done by effectively spraying stain removal chemicals. The fabric is sprayed with a formulation and we rub the wet surface with a bristle brush. One can notice the easy removal of stubborn stains. Later, vacuum and brush the infected area with a dry brush.
  • In order to eradicate wine stains or other strong liquids, a solution made by mixing a gentle cleansing formulation with a cup of hydrogen peroxide is used and is applied on the stain. It should be rested for about 30 minutes and then brushed gently with a wet bristle brush. Later, the mixture should be dried using a cloth. 

These effective cleansing steps will eliminate the bacteria by killing them and the other similar micro-organisms and at the same time will also help in eliminating any unpleasant odour from the carpet.