Best Professional Carpet Repair in East Melbourne

Are you searching for a dependable company that offers carpet repair East Melbourne service at a reasonable price? Then, Bullet Cleaners is the perfect option for you! Our services such as burn repair, patch repair, seam repair and stretching are meant to fix various problems that a carpet faces.

We have built a team of experienced individuals who can repair different types of carpets within a few hours. Our experts are punctual and use the best practices to repair the carpet. Moreover, our services are budget-friendly. If you want to take advantage of our expertise, then book our service right now!

What do we do?

We offer a fantastic range of carpet repair services at Bullet Cleaners. We have designed our services in such a manner that almost all the problems are fixed within no time. Explore the services offered by us and choose the one that suits your requirement:

  • Carpet Burn Repair

Matchsticks, cigarettes, candle wax, iron and many other things can leave burn marks and holes on a carpet. We use glues, sewing and patching techniques to repair the burnt parts.

  • Pet Damage

If your pet has ruined the threads or made big holes in the carpet by chewing and scratching, hire our team and get the damage repaired. Our carpet repair East Melbourne team will use the best methods and tools to restore the original look of the carpet.

  • Fraying Seam Repairs

Are seams becoming more visible because of loose threads and high foot traffic? Don’t panic! Book this service and get a smooth carpet surface back. Our specialists fix the fray seams with advanced tools and methods.

  • Carpet Stretching

Improper installation, humidity, dragging of heavy objects and many other factors can lead to the formation of ripples on a carpet. Our technicians use powerful stretching machines to remove the ripples, wrinkles and uneven surfaces.

  • Hole Repair

Holes in a carpet can be dangerous. Anyone can fall because of the holes in a carpet. We recommend you to book our carpet hole repair service to ensure that the small holes don’t become bigger and riskier. Our team knows various ways to mend the holes and will fix the holes accurately.

  • Carpet Fixing

If the carpet loosens because of damaged tack strips or mismatched padding, then you can choose us for fixing it again properly.

  • Carpet Patch Repair

Now, there is no need to discard a carpet because of a few damaged patches. We can trim out the additional patch from your carpet and can fix it up on the damaged section with ease.

  • Water Damage Repairs

If flooding has damaged the padding, seams or ends of the carpet, hire us and get your carpet repaired. Within a few hours, we will extract the water and mend the carpet. Make sure that you contact us within 24 hours so that the mould does not spoil the carpet.

  • Carpet Fitting

Got a new carpet? Call us and book this service. Our team will reach at your doorstep your preferred time. We ensure proper fitting of the carpet with help of the finest possible equipment.

Why Choose Us?

Bullet Cleaners have been serving clients with outstanding carpet repair solutions for several years. We have gained trust by delivering the best possible results. Have a look at our key specialties and why you should choose us over others:

  • You can expect top-notch quality at affordable prices.
  • Our carpet repair specialists are experienced and trained.
  • We use modern tools and equipment to mend the carpets.
  • Both commercial and residential clients can book the services.
  • 7 days in a week availability is our forte.
  • Online bookings are open 24×7.
  • Same day bookings are also accepted.

Best Carpet Repair Services for Commercial and Residential Clients

Do you own a shop, office or restaurant? If yes, then you must be aware of the effort, time and money that are required to keep the carpets in good form all the time. The carpets used in commercial places require repair every now and then. Staff members and customers drag furniture, people walk with wet shoes and kids throw chewing gums on the carpet.

Because of high foot traffic, the carpets are subjected to frequent wear and tear. Owners may find it hard to keep the carpets in a tip-top state if they don’t seek professional help. They can just hire the carpet repair specialists from Bullet Cleaners and get everything done in a convenient manner.

On the other hand, the residential places have low foot traffic but the damage caused to the carpet is not less severe. Kids can use sharp objects to spoil the carpet while pets use their sharp nails to scratch the carpet. Also, shifting the furniture from one place to another can lead to various problems in house carpets.

Ripples, holes, burns, tears and many other problems related to the carpets placed in homes can be resolved quickly if you hire a carpet repair expert.

Bullet Cleaners is a leading provider of professional carpet repair services. Whenever you notice frayed ends, holes or ripples on the carpet, call us and book a suitable service at a pocket-friendly price.


1. Can you repair patches of carpet?

Yes, we can use the patching technique to repair damaged parts of the carpet.

2. How to repair dog chewed carpet?

If there is a small hole, then hot-melt carpet tape can be used to repair it. For bigger holes, the damaged part is concealed with a patch of the same carpet.

3. How much does it cost to fix a piece of carpet?

At Bullet Cleaners, we have kept the pricing in an affordable range. You can contact us to get a free quotation based on your requirements.

4. How long should a carpet last?

Usually, a carpet lasts for 5-15 years. Make sure that you book professional carpet repair services regularly to extend its life.

5. How do you get ripples out of the carpet?

Stretching technique is used by specialists to remove the ripples, wrinkles and shrinkages from the carpet.

6. Where do we provide our carpet repair services?

We provide our carpet repair services throughout Australia covering all the states and their localities. We offer services in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and many more.

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